Hey. You've been successfully convicted of scraping or you're thinking of crawling information from distance.to or luftlinie.org? Scraping is expensive, you have options.

Short background

You're not dealing with a $$$ corporation nor a hobby project. It's me running this service since 2010 trying to provide commonly needed information about distances from A to B (or C,D,E,F,...) with passion, fun and professionalism.

I invest a lot of money in infrastructure to make this service reliable, efficient and accessible for everybody. I put a lot of effort into keeping this service up and running. And yes, I also make money with ads. Scraping undermines this business model and crawlers, bots and scraping now account for 90% of traffic. Scraping can affect operations for everyone!

If you feel that the Fair-Use-Policy has been exceeded, please consider alternatives.

Your Options

But what if you need to calculate thousands (or trillions) of distances for your project, business, research or just for fun? Hey, lucky you: there are better ways to do it:


DistanceAPI, a powerful distance calculation API for airline, car, and maritime travel. With DistanceAPI, developers can easily integrate distance calculation functionality into their applications, allowing users to quickly and accurately determine the distance between two (or more) points using a variety of travel methods. The API also provides information on the distance in nautical miles for sea routes.


Spreadsheet-based bulk calculation

If you need to calculate multiple distances the distance.to bulk calculation helps you getting easily and fast tons of distances between multiple waypoints.


Custom integration

Not what you're looking for? Let's get in touch we're figuring it out.

No budget? No problem!

Your research or hobby project should not fail due to a lack of budget. But please: Scraping can affect operations for everyone. If you need mass distance calculations but budget is tight (or zero) please contact me before you start your script or pay money for a scraping service. I assure you, we will find a solution.

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