Get detailed information about a routes and directions.

Car routing

Precise car routing based on high quality data delivered in ms. Distance API currently uses OSRM routing engine with OpenStreetMap data to calculate route distance and duration. Soon you will be able to choose also other providers like Google Maps and Mapbox for car routing as well as other routing profiles like Truck, Walk or Bike.

Example result

  "route": {
  "car": {
    "distance": 466.1034, // car routing distance in Kilometer 
    "duration": 18095.3   // car routing duration in Seconds 

Under the hood

  • OSRM routing engine for OSM based car routing

  • Soon: Google Maps and Mapbox routing for various profiles like car, walk, bike and truck

Maritime routing

Maritime Route feature employs advanced geospatial algorithms to facilitate efficient routing and distance computation between sea ports. The maritime route distance API can also snap arbitrary locations to the nearest sea route vertex.

Maritime sea routing based on Eurostat data combined with modern geospatial algorithms empowering the Maritime routing API.

Example data

  "route": {
    "sea": {
      "distanceNM": 268.131303044648, // maritime route distance in Nautical miles
      "distance": 496.5789924839348,  // maritime route distance in Kilometer
      "duration": 13.4065651522324    // maritime travel time in Hours

Flatbush, the really fast static spatial index helps to snap any input location to the nearest sea routes vertex. This helps you to calculate maritime routes even if your input data does not reflect ports or maritime locations.

Under the hood

  • Eurostat maritime data

  • Dijkstra's algorithm

  • Flatbush spatial index

Route segmentation

Country-wise Distance Breakdown

The "Country-wise Distance Breakdown" feature delivers a comprehensive breakdown of route distances based on individual countries traversed. Utilizing real-time geopolitical data and advanced geospatial analysis, this functionality offers developers a powerful tool for route optimization, compliance assessment, and logistical planning. It seamlessly integrates into applications, providing users with insights into the spatial distribution of distances across different countries along a specified route.

Example response for Oslo,NOR to Berlin,DEU

  "route": {
    "car": {
      "distance": 812.1059,      // distance in kilometers of entire route
      "duration": 39012.7,       // duration in seconds of entire travel time 
      "countries": [{
        "country": "NO",
	"distance": 169.1616589, // distance in kilometers driven through Norway
	"duration": 8126.34541   // duration in seconds driven through Norway
      }, {
	"country": "DK",         
	"distance": 379.65950825,// distance in kilometers driven through Danmark 
	"duration": 18238.43725  // duration in seconds driven through Danmark
      }, {
        "country": "DE",  
        "distance": 157.87338696, // distance in kilometers driven through Germany
        "duration": 7584.068879   // duration in seconds driven through Germany

Road-Type Segmented Distance Analysis

offering detailed insights into route distances segmented by various road types. Leveraging advanced geospatial algorithms and comprehensive road network data, this functionality breaks down the total distance of a specified route, providing a granular analysis of residential roads, highways, and speed conditions.

  • Granular breakdown of route distances by road types.

  • Integration of comprehensive road network data.

  • Seamless incorporation into applications for enhanced route planning.

Midpoint calculation

Get the midpoint of a route and all midpoints of each route step. See where you are halfway through a journey or where you can meet someone in the middle.

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