What data can I use for origin and destination?

You can use country, city, region, postal address or codes, iata airport codes, coordinates or what3words addresses.

How long does calculation take?

The calculation takes max. one second per row.

How can I use only one single origin?

If you need the distances from one single origin to other destinations you should copy&paste that origin to the first field of every row in your spreadsheet.

How can I use different origins with same destination?

If you need distances from different origins to one single destination you should copy&paste that destination to the second field of every row in your spreadsheet.

What exactly does "route" mean in the pricing?

A route describes every row in the spreadsheet containing origin and destination.

I'm not happy with the result. What can I do?

If you're not happy with the result please email the input and result to [email protected] and tell me in a few words why you're not happy. I'm sure we will find a solution.

I did not receive the result email ?

No worries. Please email PayPal address and input file to [email protected] and I will resend the result.