Getting started with the Distance.to API called DistanceAPI!


The DistanceAPI is managed via RapidAPI. Payment, billing, authentication and usage analytics is done by RapidAPI. You need a RapidAPI account to use the DistanceAPI. Sign up here.

Quick start using DistanceAPI

  1. Add an RapidAPI app

  2. Integrate the DistanceAPI

  3. Making an API request

The RapidAPI docs are a good starting point to understand their infrastructure, marketplace and features. Basics - Your First API Call

What is RapidAPI?

It's really easy to use RapidAPI to start consuming APIs in your app. Using RapidAPI, you can consume any API using a unified, REST format that is easy to understand and embed in your app. Moreover, you can view all of the APIs you are connected to using the dashboard, which monitors things like the number of API requests, latency, and error rates. For more on using APIs, check out our Basics - Your First API Call section.

Next steps

First you need to sign-up to RapidAPI and configure your account

Integrating DistanceAPI

After signing up to RapidAPI and adding your first app, you will find all relevant information to use DistanceAPI here.

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