Learn more about accessing distance features and what data you can use to calculate distances.

Distance calculation: Simple but powerful

Distance.to can automatically process a variety of input data and offers several algorithms and profiles for route calculation like car and maritime routing and of course airline distance calculation. You can access all features via various interfaces and integrate distance calculations quickly and easily into your applications, automations, and infrastructure.

Process any input data

Use all kind of input data to calculate distances. The powerful geocoding engine can transform various data into coordinates to process distance calculations. Each input type can be combined with any other input.

Detailed routing information

Route segmentation

Leveraging advanced geospatial algorithms and comprehensive data, the Road-Type Analysis provides granular insights into route distances based on diverse road categories, enhancing navigation precision. Simultaneously, the Country-wise Breakdown feature utilizes real-time geopolitical data to furnish a detailed spatial distribution of distances across individual countries.

Apps, interfaces and services


The go-to service when it comes to distance calculation in the web. Used by millions, trusted by gov, edu and com.


Bulk calculation for spreadsheets

Calculate thousands of distances directly out of your spreadsheet. No address geocoding required. No endless searching Google Maps anymore.



A versatile API that calculates distances between addresses, post codes, and cities for airline, car, and maritime routes. Geocoding included.



  • Mass distance calculation

  • Calculation of expenses

  • Carbon footprint

  • Route-optimization for logistics

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