API general

Is there any sandbox to test the API?

Yes, you can use RapidAPI to test API with free request. You need to signup to RapidAPI and then you can use RapidAPI DistanceAPI page.

Where can I find examples to make API request?

You'll find examples for several languages and a sandbox at the RapidAPI DistanceAPI page.

Which API version should I use?

You should always use the "current" version of the API which is currently v2. Please do not use API v1 anymore.


Do you use Google Maps for car routing?

Not yet. Currently routing supports only routing based on OpenStreetMap data. Soon you will be able to choose a provider for you car routing data.

Does it show the shortest or the fastest route?

Car routing typically uses the fastest route by default.


Do you use Google Maps for geocoding?

Not yet.

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